No More Autopilot- Do it with intention.

a man sitting down focused

Most of us are caught by daily survival and routine. We move through days with little recognition of our feelings or motivations. We wake up, eat, get ready for work, go to lunch, rinse, and repeat The goals that may have been clear are now overtaken by a litany of daily duties. Even to get to the gym, we must make a routine. Imagine setting up other life goals like weekly gym visits. What? Not doing gym visits yet? That’s ok, I’m not either, but I want to.

This can be helped if we use the skill of intention. You will see this word in many self-help books and podcasts today. The word is often overused and misunderstood. I prefer to use a simple definition. The Intention is to do something with focus and apply consistency.

If you identify a value you have and can be intentional and consistent, You will get better at it, and it will develop deeper meaning. You may begin to experience that particular aspect of it, that you have not in the past.

As a side, those who do not set goals for their day, complain more of the banality and repetitive nature in their life. Not all people think they have the privilege of having goals and objectives in their day that they can set. My goal here is to illustrate the illusive nature of time, if not structured beyond sunrise and set. It lacks continuity or purpose. People who just focus on getting through their day will find that without meaningful intention they accomplish just that. This is not a criticism, but a suggestion that you take notes or keep a mental journal through life. Because the brain better remembers what you do on purpose or with intention

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