Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

Real Counseling provides presentations to groups or agencies that address workplace, individual, leadership. These discussions place individual mental wellness at the center.

All presentations are individually crafted and will contain real life situations, addressing the needs of your agency as you express them to us. The last thing anyone wants is some monotone presenter reading information from slides, or a computer training module. We are human beings!   

Our Most Popular

QPR Suicide Prevention Certification

NO PREVIOUS MENTAL HEALTH TRAINING NEEDED. As a QPR trained Gatekeeper you will learn to: Recognize the warning signs of suicide. Know how to offer hope. Know how to get help and save a life. (1 hr 30 min)
Dr Paul Quinett

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Garner the best human social, occupational, and personal connections. Everyone has tasks to complete and limited time and resources. It is at this time that your leadership is needed most. Based off the work of Psychologist Daniel Goleman (1 hr 45 min)
Gary Vaynerchuck- "We are at a dawn of an era where Emotional Intelligence will be more important than technical skill, and this is a discussion we are not having."