Training & Workshops

Real Counseling provides presentations to groups that address workplace, and individual, leadership. These discussions place psychological safety, and strength-based leadership acumen, keeping emotional intelligence at the center. These are built for education and application in everyday workplace environments.

The EQ Master Class

Who Takes The Master Class?

  • Seeking or recent promotion 
  • Improve your reputation 
  • Seasoned leaders who seek an updated understanding of EQ leadership
  • Employees or staff looking for better ways to relate, engage, and communicate
  • Improve the overall work environment

Masterclass Layout 

  • In-person only
  •  four-hour time block 
  • 1 Hr presentation of Emotional Intelligence basics (Large group) 
  • 1  (individual) work  
  • 1 Hr applied work and exercises (small group) 
  • 1 Hr summary synthesize and take away interventions (large group

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Dealing with Difficult People

These are the 3% of clients customers or co-workers that cause 90% of anxiety in every front-facing or interactive industry. 

They require the highest level of care to prevent escalation. Don’t consider it rewarding bad behavior, It’s saving yourself. 

There are ways to de-escalate most daily interactions. Not everyone can be helped, but you can leave most interactions less emotionally tumultuous than you found them. 

This is a two-hour workshop on what we know works whether it be  from the frontline to the phone line