Work Stress Therapy

With Emotional Intelligence

Combat Work Stress & Burnout

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Leaders and Staff

Are you experiencing: Exhaustion, Cynicism, and Ineffectiveness?

Your career and personal life are taking more than you can give. You are frustrated with how things are going and it has shaken your confidence.

Sometimes you feel that rather than “Bringing your whole self to work” you are piecing together what’s left.

This could be burnout, depression, or something else but you need something different. You need to figure this out soon. It’s getting harder to go to work.

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We know that burnout is a systemic issue. Lack of leadership, innovation, and a toxic work environment is more the story than the worker’s ability to execute personal goals.

So, What’s Next?

It’s not about maximizing your calendar. You are great at your expertise, so what’s left? There is only so much meditation you can do. You need things to be effective. If another gear allows you to push through the ambiguity, you are in search of it. 

  • Am I working myself into the dirt?
  • Is this what I want? 
  • Can I get better results from those who work with me?
  • Am I having an impact?  
  • Do the right people see me?
  • Are family and friends losing out on me?
  • Is this a toxic work culture? 
  • Should I leave?
  • Should I change how I am doing things?

Let’s identify what you value! This could mean transitioning, sustaining, or advancing in a career. Maybe this is a mind shift in how you communicate, relate, and respond to others. 

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