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UHC Allied Benefit Systems Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Christian Brothers Services – 

Health Scope MeritainNippon 

 Emotional Wellbeing Solution (Premium EAP)

Optum Live & Work Well (EAP)

OscarOxford Health PlansSurest (Formerly Bind)

Trustmark Health Benefits – Aetna Trustmark Health Benefits 

 Cigna Trustmark Small Business Benefits 

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United Healthcare Global

Real Counseling Inc uses Headway Insurance Check or Alma Insurance Check to validate your insurance. When you add your information to these portals, they will run your insurance and tell you how much to expect to pay.
These are estimates and sometimes can be wrong. If you are in doubt about the amount stated you can ask these companies to run a manual check of your benefits.  This can take a bit longer but you will have an exact answer. I can also Inquire for you if you have loaded the information and made an account in the portals 
You can test both to find which one offers you a better deal or accepts your plan. Once you decide which one to go with go ahead and sign up as a client using the portal they use
You are also encouraged to contact me directly as well to let me know to look for your account  
  • Many insurance plans have high deductibles. You may be among those who pay a deductible before the insurance company will reimburse for services. If that’s the case, you’ll be paying out-of-pocket even if you see someone in your network. 
  • Many insurance plans allow you to choose the provider you’d prefer to work with, even if you don’t have a high deductible. This  will be outlined in your “out-of-network benefits.”
  •  Both phone and email are HIPPA compliant and encrypted so that your information will stay private.
  • It is still possible to see us if you are out of network”  A superbill can be submitted to most insurance companies as out-of-network providers and you can receive reimbursement even if your therapist does not take insurance.
Other Options For Payment:


IvyPay 2.75% charge addition (average $3 per transaction, 2.69% +30 cents)

All major credit and debit cards 

HSA or FLEX spending cards

We ask for 24 hours notice of cancelation All fees due at time of service or a $50 fee is charged for Real Counseling Clients