First Responder Counseling

Fire, police & emergency service workers

You Carry The load 

We Lessen The Burden

Keep Home and Social Life Thriving

Many responders are on an emotional rollercoaster and feel like two separate people. Doing the home life/work life split. This can be disruptive causing responders to withdraw. You can learn to have both!

Prolong Your Career

Learn techniques to keep a balanced life and career. You do more than work for a department or unit. You are contributing to a culture of responders at their best. When others are hitting the wall, you are hitting your stride.

Prioritize Emotional Health

So much time spent on physical endurance and safety which are needed for survival, however, mental wellness is often neglected with the “Push Through It” mentality. It is the mix of social, emotional, physical and spiritual that is the key to longevity.

Heal Emotional Pain

Suicide, Substance Use and End of Watch grief are common experiences to responders. Human brains are actually not mentally built to “Suck it up.” That only leaves two options- explosion or internal damage. There are ways to move forward. Let's put a plan together and work through a process.

Prevent Burnout

Is the job not what it used to be? Feeling like “everything is bullshit?” Thinking the world has two kinds of people- good folks and a#$holes? Counting down the days until you can be free? Burnout is upon you, but you don’t have to live in it.

Build Resilience

Rapidly and effectively rebound from psychological disturbances and resisting psychological distress in ways that limit long term negative effects or behaviors. Your line of work requires your soul to be in it and that takes some mental skills.

Mark Tovar
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified First Responder Counselor

I have spent much of my career working alongside 1st responders in crises and correctional settings. Your job requires a level of understanding. ITS ALL ABOUT TRUST!

My service to you as a CFRC: