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Using Emotional Intelligence

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Employees, Educators, Leaders, Public Servants and Businesses

Are you stressed?

Are personal goals becoming overwhelming?

Do you feel stuck?

It might feel like loss of motivation, fatigue, depression, lack of fulfillment or even anger. This is not where you want to be.



I’m Mark Tovar LPC-S 

I teach three core components of mental strength that enhance your Emotional Intelligence and lessen your stress.

Communicate Effectively. Whether you are leading others, expressing feelings, or trying to understand others, how you communicate is important in relieving stress.

Relate Authentically. Are you aware of how you interact with others? You can repair, enhance or begin new relationships with integrity and energy. 

Thrive. Move beyond day-to-day survival. This is about your transformation.

Mark Tovar, Real Counseling Inc

I Help Stressed Out Professionals 

Prevent Burn Out and THRIVE



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