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Mark Tovar

Leaders Tell Me

They keep adding things to your plate! Everything is a priority. To-do lists, meetings, emails, and all the other things that really take more time than you have.

Shrinking resources, increased workloads, and heightened expectations. You must do more with less. You have done well considering, but now feel stuck. 

It could be coaching, counseling, or professional training that could move you to thrive.


There are skills you can apply to view the world differently. These are NOT soft skills but human interactions. All issues are interpersonal, that is the essence of EQ. Many leaders are not trained to address these concerns in a way that move everyone forward.   

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 The workplace is slow to change, but a person’s ability to shift perspective isn’t.  It can make a difference between being agile or stuck.

This could mean transitioning, sustaining, or advancing in a career or shifting how you communicate, relate, and respond.   
  • Skill Think talent & ability. This can be mastery of a current skill or transferring this skill to another industry.
  • Will the desire to do something different and the lengths you will go, to make it happen. 
  • Resources  Any person, asset, or support that can provide an advantage.
  • Belief What perception or philosophy can be utilized to give you flexibility in times of immediate stres


We measure 17 sub areas of these categories with you to give you a profile of your skill

How you are perceived and express yourself

All issues are inter-personal and a level of authenticity is required. (EQ) allows integration of the personal and professional

How you use emotional information in helpful ways

We can’t force people to act like they should. But can use empathy, interpersonal skills that are more effective

How you make decisions

Not reacting under pressure, but responding using your skills of problem solving, reality testing, impulse control

How you cope with challenges

Stress, pressure, deadlines, and anything else that does not go your way. The application of optimism flexibility and stress tolerance are most helpful  

 Top performers and new leaders benefit from Emotional intelligence 

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Who Talks With Mark Tovar?

I have been fortunate to be trusted with the important concerns of clients for two decades. Individuals and organizations seek me out to help them mitigate the stress they encounter; disillusionment, burnout, and unhappiness that cause lost profit, high turnover, and poor reputations.  


I Help Stressed Out Professionals
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