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to Combat Work Stress


Are you experiencing: Exhaustion, Cynicism, and Ineffectiveness?

Your career and personal life are taking more than you can give. You are frustrated with how things are going and it has shaken your confidence.

We Guide You Thrive

They just keep adding things to your plate! Everything is a priority. Your to-do list, meetings, and emails, not to mention text and Slack channels.

You have stress and doubts in your life, but you find a way to keep a smile and stay positive. You are feeling that rather than “Bringing your whole self to work”  you are just piecing together what’s left.

You smile and have a pleasant tone through shrinking resources, increased workloads, and heightened expectations. You have done well considering the changes. You even got promoted, but now you are stuck. The more good work you do, the more you are asked to do.

It’s not about maximizing your time or organizing your calendar. You are good at your area of expertise. So what’s left?

At your core, you know you are a leader, you want people to win. You are valuable to the place you serve, but you could use some techniques to move forward. If another gear allows you to push through the ambiguity, or tolerate the rough waters, you are in search of it. 

Podcasts, Self- help books, leadership training: you have tried it all  and wonder:

 Am I working myself into the dirt?

 Is this where I wanted to be in my life? 

Am I having an impact?  

Do the right people see me?

Are family and friends losing out on me?

Is this a toxic work culture? 

Should I leave?

How do I change without suffering? 

I’m Mark Tovar LPC-S 

I specialize in working with high-stressed professionals likely to experience burnout due to the high demands of their work and time. It’s gonna take more than yoga and smoothies but there is a way back 

I work with leaders, employees, and executives to help increase Emotional Intelligence and Mental Agility. I teach people how to build emotional flexibility 

 Let’s identifying what is valuable to you and move in that direction with purpose. I know you feel tired. Energy returns when you get into alignment with your goals.  

I Help Stressed Out Professionals 

Prevent Burn Out and THRIVE



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