Men Finding Purpose

a man struggling with purpose

This is the biggest question I deal with; existentially speaking. Men want to know what they doing in life has a purpose. Some reach a point where what once fulfilled them, no longer does. They ask, “Am I living up to my full potential?”

If you think of your life in seasons this is easier to figure out. What season are you in today? What season do you wish to be in soon, and for how long? Understand that there will be movement and repeat cycles. If we approach life in this way, we work toward a direction, diligently gathering momentum, confirming or disputing where we should go next. I see many clients in “Midlife Crisis.” This has negative connotations for men who buy a new sports car or begin another relationship. These characterizations are oversimplified and negative. We need to continue to grow, while still honoring our commitments. I am not condoning cheating or infidelity in any way but these are often symptoms of men who do not have an open dialogue about feelings, resentments, motivations, and how to express them. Lacking these skills leaves us open to reactions without intimate knowledge of our intentions.

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