Fear is OK

somebody curled up against a wall, scared.

Most of us deal with a basic level of anxiety, fear, or indecisiveness. It is a natural response to any unfamiliar surroundings. But we must push against fear even in times of comfort to move beyond the constraints that people suffer from.   

We should stop trying to out positive each other to a better life. Let’s acknowledge fear and anxiety but teach it to behave. We call it what it is and get others who confirm that this is a reality and help us move. We all have butterflies when things are escalating but the secret is getting these butterflies to fly in formation (said Rob Gilbert).  

My clients tend to have more practice in these areas than most because they are leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs. They deal with unfamiliarity or hesitation more often than the average person who avoids this. The cumulative experience of this fear has been a net gain for some, thus it is more likely that they will undertake risk in the future with less trepidation. 

A word of caution that I share with professionals who allow fear to keep them from making their next move is that your brain is good at using non-action as confirmation of what keeps you safe. It’s the mammalian brain saying “See you did not go outside of the cave so you did not get eaten by prey today”  however, it neglected to tell you there was no prey that had passed that way yesterday or today. The mammalian brain fails to give you accurate real-time data. We are left with “What if” and if this is left unchallenged repeatedly, we risk succumbing to decision atrophy.  The nothing ventured nothing gained  adage In the world of professional development and innovation is a stalemate 

If you have anxiety or fear of clinical levels that are beyond this article this may require professional treatment.



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