Emotionally Intelligent Leader Checklist

A checklist for the EQ leaders of the world

    Leaders (Supervisors Managers Bosses Directors) with high EQ exhibit the characteristics not because they say so, but because those who work for them do. You will likely pass this  checklist if others you work with describe you by saying the following:

    You are a leader with a pedigree of results. People appreciate that they get the same leader each day. You manage expectations and know what they value. You protect them from bureaucracy, and I most likely will hear from where they sit, the secret code words “They have my back”  It’s the respect you invest that cultivates connection. People follow you because you champion them. You are a leader remembered by name and reputation. 

    How many of these things would others say about you as their leader? 

    • Relationships come first. 
    • I provide psychological safety.
    • I utilize an abundance mindset. (Don’t use fear or lack)
    • I use encouragement as a primary influencer.
    • I am aware that how I feel about myself today informs my perceptions of others. 
    • I continually scan for my bias- optimistic confirmatory and ecological  
    • It’s my job as a leader to “know my people.”  
    • I listen to understand before speaking.
    • I admit my mistakes.
    • I ask others’ opinions. 
    • I only speak of others in public to uplift
    • I champion my people fiercely. 
    • I address conflict directly, but kindly.
    • I believe people are doing their best 
    • I forgive and move forward.
    • There is no excuse for being unkind.
    • My job is to enhance not to demand
    • I believe that people come to work to have a postive effect on themselves and others

    It’s a little embarrassing that after 45 years of research & study, the best advice I can give people is to be a little kinder to each other.”

    ― Aldous Huxley