Practicing Emotional Intelligence During COVID

During this coronavirus outbreak, emotions and uncertainty were warranted as all of us sought peace. Having Emotional Intelligence means being aware of your feelings and how they affect you. You can also understand how others experience and interpret your feelings. This makes someone easy to be around because of this level of understanding. The opposite is when humans resort to emotions like fear and self-preservation to feel safe in times of emotional stress. These are common responses in any crisis. 

Disagreements still abound in science, politics and leadership now as they did during the initial COVID outbreak. 

Emotional Intelligence is crucial now because people are tapping into their concern for themselves and their loved ones. We may even discount those who disagree with us. If taken to extremes, this fosters contempt or dehumanization.

The greatest tool of Emotional Intelligence to quel negative reactions is the practice of empathy “having knowledge of others’ experience and responding with genuine concern.” I am trained in crisis intervention and provide mental health counseling. Authenticity and empathy can build bridges to understanding. These skills heal by providing opportunities for communication.

  How To Sharpen Emotional Intelligence:

  • Connect to the human aspect of people, even if they don’t align with your political, economic or educational beliefs.

  • Be verbal about your struggles with people you trust. 

  • Focus on how you respond – tone, intention, and timing are everything.

  •  Seek acceptance of a new normal instead of a return to “before.” 
  • Allow others room for pain and recognize we are all struggling

We only control our actions. Influence over others is greatly decreased when shame, social pressure, or verbal aggression is used.

Emotional Intelligence offers opportunities for de-escalation in disagreement and an increased level of understanding even during the most difficult times. Although this is one hell of a way to practice, we are learning to be resilient together.

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