Counselor Supervision

If you are a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate seeking your 3000 hours of supervision, your LPC Supervisor is the single most important resource of ethical and legal safeguard in the field of counseling. I am grateful to have had great supervisors.

If you are considering running your own practice in the future, there are things most therapists have not had time to learn during graduate school to make a successful private practice. I wish someone would have taught me these topics when I was at your stage of training. It would have saved me time, money, and stomach antacids.

Topics added to standard counseling supervision: 
  • Business structure & formation 
  • Financial and legal management 
  • Funding sources 
  • Media and marketing 
  • Office systems and workflow 
  • Specialization and niche development
  • Streams of income for your practice 
  • Training recommendations from private practice building experts. 
  • 3rd party billing & Insurance paneling 
  • Telehealth 
  • Consultation  business clients
  • Adding coaching  to your counseling toolbox (requires additional certification+cost) 
  • Access to former supervisees and professional counseling opportunities support structure. I have successful friends that help each other

*Topics incorporated after 3 months of your beginning supervision. 

To be honest, there were things that the experts said that I resisted and did my own way. Some things went fine, others proved that I should have listened. But I did have a lot of fun messing up and so will you. That’s right! No one gets through this without “fail” stories. I share those too. At least you will have guidance and support from those who know.

Abundance Mindset  

My goal is to make up-and-coming therapists great clinicians First. But also help them be wiser and more profitable than I ever was at this stage of my career. I share what I know so that others can have a better chance of success. Isn’t this what therapists do?

Result = highly motivated, therapists that have enough to give others without having to sacrifice themselves so others prosper. These counselors become mentors and push our profession forward. They become shining stars and are around for a long time to influence people.  I will introduce some of these counselors to you throughout your journey with me.

Scarcity Mindset
There is a significant part of our counseling community and all helping professions that will revert to scarcity mindset thinking. It sounds like this:
-You can’t learn to be a therapist and a business owner at the same time
-It’s too risky for the supervisor. Supervisees will make too many mistakes 
-New counselors will be too concerned about building a practice and not concentrate on their clinical skills
-I was not able to do that when I was at that stage, so they can not be better than I was.
-You must suffer for the privilege of being a successful therapist


Confession-I used to believe therapists and businesses did not mix, especially for me. I was supposed to do this for the love of helping others not to make a good living. 

But what I have learned in the business aspect of private practice over the last five years, coupled with twenty-plus years of counseling has changed my thinking from Scarcity to Abundance.

I am still a damn good therapist and am dedicated to helping therapist fill their cup so that they may help others. 

Contact me if you are feeling like this abundance counselor is where you want to be in this profession.

Who is Mark Tovar?

I have provided mental health service in; educational, treatment agencies, judicial settings  along with owning and operating a private practice.

  • 25 years of counseling +10 years of supervision +5 years of business acumen development 
  • I have built a thriving practice in three years from the ground up. It’s called Real Counseling and I work with executives, educators, and entrepreneurs and consult with fortune 500 companies
  • I have taught practicums and internships using professional supervision theory

Why pay for professional Supervision, when I can get it for FREE?

  •  Recent changes in the Texas Counseling Board being aligned with the  Behavioral Health Executive Council (BEHEC) have changed regulations & ethics. Is your supervisor current on the new rules?
  • Agency or supervisors within your site, often supervise based on how that agency does business. They might supervise you according to what’s best for the agency and not your license.  
  • Free agency supervisors usually have multiple responsibilities and are not given additional compensation for supervising.  It can lead to associates not being placed as a priority. My associates ARE my priority. 
  • If there is a falling-out between you and your supervisor it can feel isolating not having anyone else to speak for your experience.
  • Free supervision may require you to sign a contract saying you will stay for a set time. You may be obligated to stay in a position you don’t enjoy.
  • I have undergone specific training and ethics and have many hours of time with my supervises in real-world situations. This is not a side job. It is a dedication to the craft of Licensed Professional Counseling.

Sarah Almendariz Rivera

The truth is that Sarah is an amazing talent. She was my first Texas supervisee. She has become a business leader and supervisor that has accomplished so much. She is a force! I am lucky to say we worked together. We remain close professional advocates and support each other at every opportunity

Required to Start:

  • Two letters of reference by a professor/supervisor who can speak to your counseling ability

  • IF transferring from another LPC-Supervisor you must sign a release so that we can speak with each other

  • Provide an unofficial transcript

  • Carry liability insurance and provide proof

  • Commit to meeting Online (individually or triadic) weekly

 Required Fees:

$80 per session (1 hr per week/4 per month= $320) due at the first of each month upfront. 

Whatever price you start with stays until you reach 3000 hrs needed. I do not raise rates throughout your supervision.

**I do not supervise Associates who function as:

  • Elementary or high school counselors
  • Pastoral counselors
  • Seeking LMFT licensure
  • Academic advisors