About Us

Mark Tovar M.A. LPC-S Owner/Therapist

Working professionals have come to me in all stages of their professional, social, and personal lives. I can show you what these professionals have done to THRIVE!

When I am relaxing; I’m at home with my pets or watching a hockey game. If I am Thriving, I’m taking a trip to Austin, eating at new restaurants, and listening to live bands; Old school hip-hop, 90’s alt-rock, and 60’s soul music are my favorites. 

Kathryn Tovar M.Ed.- Director of Operations

My Master’s degree is in Education has allowed me to spend the last eight years teaching students and training other instructors at a college in San Antonio, TX. Taking these skills to a clinical environment now expands my passion of helping others.  

As co-owner of Real Counseling Inc., I am responsible for efficient day-to-day operations, meeting the expectations of our clients, supervising staff and coordinating training. My ability to problem-solve and teach has been a central theme in my life. My analytical nature serves me well, as I oversee the front-line services in running a practice. 

When you enter our office, it is likely that I will be the first person you see. And as you leave our space, I will make sure that we have done all that we can to make your time the most enjoyable. I handle all comments, concerns, or ideas to improve our practice. 

Outside of the business, I enjoy live concerts, finding new restaurants, spending time with family and our three rescue animals.